We have the IT Factor

Virtual Assistance

A very popular and efficient way to keep the business operating smoothly for the small or home-based business sector as well as a viable option for corporations wanting to outsource their operations to lower their operating costs.

A virtual assistant does not work inside the company office suite and therefore does not need the company to supply office equipment and fixtures.

Many offices already have and use the equipment necessary to communicate effectively with the virtual assistants. This includes basic equipments such as: telephone, fax machine, e-mail and access to internet.

Businesses of every size can contract out. Study shows that small and home-based businesses sometimes require extra help but are unable to hire regular employee(s). We provide quality assistance at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee; Virtual assistance that is available when you need it.

No employee-related taxes, insurance or benefit packages to be paid. A virtual assistant can be part-time, full-time, casual or permanent employee working for you without utilizing your office space or equipments.

Our virtual assistance service helps your business to succeed!