We have the IT Factor


Al-Rehman Enterprises

Posted on October 2009 | Posted by Mr. Fakhiruddin – Director

This is not the first time PIT’s efficiency has impressed us! The unique ideas given for business process re-engineering have started showing profits in no-time. Thank you PIT!

Citi Education

Posted on September 2009 | Posted by Mr. Ibrahim – Professor

Under promised! Over Delivered!

Live Metal Trade

Posted on August 2009 | Posted by Mr. Steven – Operations

We have always recommended the services of PIT to all. After re-scripting our metal bidding application we have decided to award them with the maintenance contract as well. Congratulations.

Black White & Gray

Posted on July 2009 | Posted by Mr. Salman – Director

Highly recommended for all technological work. This was the feeling we had for PIT when we started our first job with them in 2006 and the only thing that has changed is that we now HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thanks!


Posted on April 2009 | Posted by Mr. J. Chapal – Sr. Advisor

The integration of website camera for new project was an amazing idea for our Dubai Project. We are also reaping the benefits of the online application through which we are able to send Purchase Orders to our suppliers in one go. Good Work.

Combined Industries

Posted on January 2009 | Posted by Mr. O. Tawakkal – Mill Manager

Now we can check our accounts and also status of our company looms through our website’s administration panel. Changes were implemented in time and good effort was shown.

Care and Cure – HMS

Posted on November 2008 | Posted by Dr. Kwung Lo – Surgeon

I personally never knew before that sharp edges and curved edges do make a difference in logos. Well thought of and well implemented.

Catalyst Consultants

Posted on September 2007 | Posted by Ms. Meena – HR Manager

From the nothing to everything in 2 months. Complete corporation facelift was done. A job well done – keep up the good work!

Car Mate

Posted on August 2007 | Posted by Mr. Joseph – Salesman

After you gave me the keys to my website I have had a sudden surge of calls and e-mails inquiring about used cars. You have delivered your service very well. Will do business again!


Posted on November 2006 | Posted by Mr. T. M. – Auditor

Hi, I am an auditor in GTA who started business 30 years ago. Today with internet and good online marketing I have come to be well-known in my area and my community.