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PIT – Inauguration of the new website

Posted on November 7th, 2009 | Posted by Administration

PIT stakeholders flock to see the new website soon after its launch. On the first day alone PIT has recorded 1500 hits from all over the globe. After the project came to an end and with the last file uploaded to the web server Mr. Bilal Raza, one of the associates in the Design Department exclaimed “ The new PIT website is complete!”.

Participation took place at multiple levels. All the departments of PIT were involved in bringing the website right from the drawing board to the virtual world. The architecture of the website had diverse contributions from more than 80 individuals who from time to time charted out various tasks that must be accomplished on the website.


PIT – Joint Venture in Brazil

Posted on October 16th, 2009 | Posted by Administration

With the ever growing demand of technology and the prospering economy of Brazil, PIT was invited to conduct a joint venture with a company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The (Undisclosed) Company will be meeting the Chief Information Officer of PIT to access the technical expertise and the infrastructure of the organization.

The (Undisclosed) company is looking forward to promote PIT’s services as a joint venture under a new brand in Brazil to meet the ever growing demand of websites. During the meeting multiple strategies will be discussed to better promote packages and to efficiently reach the local market.

The company also plans to provide translation services for the clients in various languages. English being the prime language in demand the company looks forward to provide translation in Mandarin and Arabic too. Interpersonal meetings will be carried out in Sao Paulo till November 17, 2009.


Record Breaking Performance

Posted on August 12th, 2009 | Posted by e-Marketing

Employees at PIT at are always up for the challenge! Mr. Z (Undisclosed Name due to privacy reason), an associate in the e-Marketing department scores a letter from D’Moz – the world’s number one directory. On asking how he achieved it, he exclaimed that it was hard work to connect the website with diverse information to bring it to the top.

The letter congratulated Mr. Z for accomplishing the TOP 10 ranking of D’Moz as a referring website for its visitors. The company has given Mr. Z a warm backing on this and assured of future growth. Mr. Z was humble to refer to his Department Head as the main cause of this guidance.