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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Internet is the most dynamic media of advertising. You can set a budget to allow for easy management of your online campaign which may include Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or Pay-per-impression (PPI) campaigns.

PPC campaigns:

keywords and phrases are used to get your listing to the top of search results, and you pay only when someone clicks on the link to your site. The cost per click depends on the popularity of the keyword, and can be as low as 10 cents (depending on current market PPC price structure).

PPI Campaigns:

Same keywords and phrases are used but now you buy impressions rather than clicks on your link. Every time your link is displayed to a web-surfer it is an impression. In these campaigns charges are usually set per 1000 impressions, depending upon the marketing service provider.

Campaign Management:

You can choose to have us set up your account and tweak your advertisements for the first month, and hand the accounts over to you to manage, or we can manage it for you. Keywords and phrases can be revised and campaigns can be noted to find out which keyword is bringing more traffic to the website. This can then enable you to further optimize your website for that particular keyword and obtain more traffic on the website.