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Parekh Information Technology helps to transform your ideas into viable and realistic business plans. We offer services that are designed to transform your dreams into reality.

Global Ideas

Success of innovative ideas can be ensured through careful planning and recruiting the right expertise.

Entrepreneurship has been re-defined in this millennium as the ability to undertake innovations by combining finance, business acumen and technological know-how and transforming into economic goods.

Here is a story about a biscuit factory that was facing a unique problem. Its biscuit wrapping machine was producing empty wrappers later discovered by consumers in the boxes. The management decided to purchase a one million dollar machine that used a laser on a conveyor belt to check if there were biscuits in the wrappers. Empty wrappers would be removed from the conveyor belt while the remaining ones were sent to be boxed. This was an expensive solution for the factory as it increased their costs considerably.

What we would have done?

If one of our consultants was sent to the factory to find a cost effective solution for the company our consultant would have proposed that a standing fan should be kept near the conveyor belt. Whenever an empty packet came on the conveyor belt, the fan would blow it away! The results would have been spectacular for the factory as it would ‘solve the problem’ economically.

The lesson learned is that innovative solutions, and not just expensive technological solutions, are required for our problems.

At Parekh Information Technology, we can help you to transform your ideas into practical realities. If you think that you have the next dot com success plan, than we can provide you with services that are designed to from your dreams from black and white into reality. We guarantee that your ideas will be safe with us while we have highest standards of commitment and dedication towards you!

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